Our Roots

We're a family of 4th generation Alaskans organically cultivating a small CSA vegetable farm in North Pole, Alaska. Our roots go deep; our ancestors were farmers as far back in our family tree as we can trace, and we are honored to have the opportunity to provide produce for our community.

Having raised vegetables and poultry alongside our kiddos for a number of years, we eventually maximized our own little acre. We're grateful to continue growing organically here--both figuratively and literally--by the graciousness of our good friends and fellow farmers who own and run the North Pole Pioneer Farm stand.

At just under 6 acres, this farm is the heart of the original large homestead and potato farm of Bill Lewis; former farmer, humorist, state legislator, and Director of the Division of Agriculture. You can easily see the farm from the Richardson Highway as you drive through North Pole. 

Wondering what a CSA is?

Visible from the Richardson Hwy. in North Pole

Weekly CSA Pick-Ups

Thursdays 2 - 7pm

Mid-June through September

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2855 Hurst Road, North Pole, Alaska 99705

Call or Text: 907-385-7766

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